November 9, the second concert of the «Russian Jazz» series in Belgrade

On November 9, the second concert of the "Russian Jazz" series by Oleg Kireyev and well-known Yugoslavian pianist Vasil Hadzhimanov, took place on the stage of the Belgrade "Academy 28". Belgrade musicians also took part in the project: the members of the famous Serbian Radio and Television big band - Milan Pavlovic (bass) and Predrag Milyutinovitc (drums).
The musicians called this program - "Bridge", which symbolizes the connection between Russian and Serbian cultures. They performed their original compositions of different years, and also presented a surprise to the Belgrade audience by performing "Moscow Nights" and "April in Belgrade" in an improvisational manner.

10 November 2017

The musician performing looked like a priest of a strange music patronizing God. Through all the night his eyes were shining with that fire of a man who totally devoted himself to the deed beloved   OpenMusic magazine, Russia more