Oleg Kireyev heading to jazzahead!

Oleg Kireyev is about to present his ethno-jazz act "Orlan" at one of the most significant music exhibitions, Jazzahead!, which is to take place in Bremen, Germany, 27.-30. April 2017. Alas, "Orlan" will not take part in the showcases, but you can find our stand at the music expo, where we'll share our music, promo materials etc., and where you'll be able to communicate with Oleg himself. In 2017 Jazzahead! will feature such jazz stars as Branford Marsalis, Kurt Elling and lots of modern, cutting edge artists (among those who speak Russian -- Vadim Neselovskiy). Looking forward to meeting you in Bremen!
23 December 2016

Wow! I said, and settled in to listen to a saxophone performer from Russia! Incredibly good and smooth, full of verve, and style, and class, and that is what Russian saxophonist Oleg Kireyev...   Lee Prosser (JazzReview.com®) more