Oleg Kireyev's concert plans

The colder it is outside, the hotter it is inside the concert halls, especially when it's about Oleg Kireyev and his projects. Oleg is on the way to his massive tour, which includes dozen of cities! Nov, 3 Oleg and "Orlan" ethno jazz ensemble are to perform in Minsk (Belarus); bright local "Apple Tea" fusion band is featuring the show. Nov, 18 Oleg is to appear in Vladivostok, at the International jazz festival that is held at the local Philarmonic hall.

Moscow is on the list, too: Nov, 25 Oleg Kireyev and famous Andrey Kondakov are playing in Olympic village, and Nov, 30 "Orlan" are giving a show at one of the most prominent venues -- Moscow International Music House.

Nov, 27 Oleg's native land is welcoming its son: a concert in Ufa (Bashkortostan) is planned.
17 October 2016

The musician performing looked like a priest of a strange music patronizing God. Through all the night his eyes were shining with that fire of a man who totally devoted himself to the deed beloved   OpenMusic magazine, Russia more