Oleg Kireyev to perform in Prague in September

Oleg Kireyev is coming to Prague to play in three local jazz clubs! The quartet will include three Czech musicians, specializing in straight-ahead jazz: Daniel Bulatkin (piano), the winner of the 3rd Prize in "Piano player of the year" competition in 2015; creative and masterful Josef Fečo (double bass), artistic and thoughtful Jiří Slavíček (drums).

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague to share our jazz feelings!

September, 2 Agharta Jazz Centrum
September, 3 U Maleho Glena
September, 4 Loop Jazz Club
27 August 2016

What's cool (to me, at least) about the result is how unabashed the band is in swinging genuinely hard on chestnut exotica like Puerto Rican-born Ellington trombonist Juan Tizol's "Caravan," which Oleg Kireyev turned to as an encore, and seems born to blow, dervish-like.   Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association, USA more