Jazz stories in the Belgradian SKC

On February 23, the first concert of Oleg Kireyev from the "Jazz Stories with Oleg Kireyev" series, which for seven seasons has been held in the halls of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, took place in the large hall of the Student Cultural Center (SKC) of Belgrade. The concert was attended by the leading Belgrade jazz musicians, there were performed the most famous compositions of the so-called "Golden Era of Jazz" and a film about the main performers of that time - Duke Ellington and Count Basie was shown.
26 February 2018

Oleg Kireyev"Oleg's playing is a marvelous combination of styles, incorporating a whole lot of players. I hear echoes of the 1920’s and John Coltrane combined with the unstructured jazz".   Bud Shank, musician , USA more