Oleg Kireyev’s jubilee concert at the International House of Music in Moscow

Meet the storied Oleg Kireyev, the jazz musician of a conceptual and refined performance style but understandable to a very different listener, a native of Russia’s Bashkortostan, who is warmly received on the greatest stages in Europe and the Nothern America.

He gigs and releases albums throughout the world. Jazz legends of a planetary scale play along with him while his records are included in the top-charts of American music radio stations.

Oleg Kireyev is a saxophonist who’s off the beaten track. He has been recognized as phenomenon of international scale and a wonder in his home country.

The Downbeat, Jazz Inside, Jazzwise Magazine and other major jazz media of the globe praise Oleg Kireyev. This is no accident!

“He enables throat singing and intricate ethno-rhythms and swing into a single whole, getting an ideal jazz sample of the 21st century" - this is how his music is characterized by the music historian Scott Yanov, the All Music Guide to Jazz columnist.

In 2018, Oleg Kireyev turned 55. The title of People's Artist of Bashkortostan, the official post of Cultural Advisor to the President of Bashkortostan, and many albums released fall under his achievements. Moreover, there is a feeling that there is still a lot of interesting things to come!

On November 16, the famous artist will celebrate his 55th birthday with a jazz holiday at the prestigious stage of the Moscow International House of Music. To visit Oleg Kireev's concerts is a stroke of luck. You will have such opportunity at the Oleg Kireyev’s jubilee concert at the International House of Music!
1 October 2018

Oleg Kireyev"Oleg's playing is a marvelous combination of styles, incorporating a whole lot of players. I hear echoes of the 1920’s and John Coltrane combined with the unstructured jazz".   Bud Shank, musician , USA more