Presentation of the new program Romantic Sax

On June 14, Oleg Kireev will present his new program Romantic Saxophone on the stage of the Academ Jazz Club in Moscow.
Mr. OK has prepared a new spiritual program "Romantic sax". The feeling of flight, of being in love, light sadness and the joy of reciprocity - Oleg's romantic saxophone is especially capable of conveying the nuances of these feelings.
Oleg will perform them in his own manner - in the colors of jazz and fusion. The musician will delight the audience and their own musical works, written in romantic colors.

On June 14, maestro Oleg Kireev invites lovers of romantic music to the cozy “Academ Jazz Club” hall, which is in the center of Moscow on Arbat 38.
Information about tickets on the website of Academ Jazz Club
14 May 2019

The musician performing looked like a priest of a strange music patronizing God. Through all the night his eyes were shining with that fire of a man who totally devoted himself to the deed beloved   OpenMusic magazine, Russia more