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Romantic Sax by Oleg Kireev

29 June , Sat    
Oleg Kireev, a saxophonist, well-known to the Russian and Western public, will perform on the stage of the Moscow Cultural Folklore Center Lyudmila Ryumin on November 23. He will present his new musical program Romantic Sax to the public.Oleg Kireev began to conquer the jazz scene from 1984 - the musical routes of the saxophonist and his jazz band pass without exaggeration through the whole world. Masterly possession of the instrument ...
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Oleg Kireev Quartet & Vasil Hadzhimanov (piano, Serbia)

29 June , Sat    
On December 8 in Moscow and, on December 14 in Ufa, the largest ethno-jazz pianist of Serbia, Vasil Hadzhimanov, and the largest ethno-jazz saxophone player of Russia, Oleg Kireev, will accompany the jazz trio on the stage of the State Philharmonic in Moscow and in Ufa (Russia).The musicians will perform jazz works a unique treatment, imbued with Russian and Serbian traditional sound.The idea of the project is based on the works of ...
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Rhyme and Reason Project. PULA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2019

28 June , Fri    
Russian saxophone player Oleg Kireyev and American pianist Keith Javors are presenting their extraordinary project "Rhyme & Reason". The project, based on their own compositions, glides effortlessly atop the modern jazz mainstream.Oleg Kireyev is an internationally recognized musician, frequently on tour and playing to appreciative audiences in Europe and the U.S.His creative ideas are vast, from mainstream and ethno to jazz rock and wo ...
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Presentation of the new program Romantic Sax

14 May , Tue    
On June 14, Oleg Kireev will present his new program Romantic Saxophone on the stage of the Academ Jazz Club in Moscow.Mr. OK has prepared a new spiritual program "Romantic sax". The feeling of flight, of being in love, light sadness and the joy of reciprocity - Oleg's romantic saxophone is especially capable of conveying the nuances of these feelings.Oleg will perform them in his own manner - in the colors of jazz and fusion. The music ...
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The first concert of Oleg Kireev in Germany

6 May , Mon    
On June 6, for the first time in Berlin, Oleg Kireev will present his concert program in the Panda Theater, which will collect all the music that inspires the artist: actual jazz and world jazz music hits in the author's style.If you know the feeling of delight that music can wake up in a person, if you know how deep the pleasure from it can be, we meet on June 6 at the concert of Oleg Kireev!Ticket information on
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Russian jazz, Balkan fusion

8 February , Fri    
Two personalities. Two prominent representatives of their national culture. Two carriers of bright charisma. Famous Russian saxophonist Oleg Kireev and Balkan fusion star Vasil Khadzhimanov are joining together to give the public a new reading of their compositions. Everything that you love in Vasil Hadzhimanovs music will be revealed from unexpected sides thanks to the fresh look of Oleg Kireev. Swing in its best traditions, framed by folk melo ...
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Oleg Kireyevs jubilee concert at the International House of Music in Moscow

1 October 2018, Mon    
Meet the storied Oleg Kireyev, the jazz musician of a conceptual and refined performance style but understandable to a very different listener, a native of Russias Bashkortostan, who is warmly received on the greatest stages in Europe and the Nothern America.He gigs and releases albums throughout the world. Jazz legends of a planetary scale play along with him while his records are included in the top-charts of American music radio sta ...
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For the first time in Budapest Oleg Kireyev will perform in the jazz club Opus

19 April 2018, Thu    
On May 30 Oleg Kireyev will perform for the first time at the most prestigious jazz club in Budapest - Opus. In his band there will be Hungarian pianist Péter Sárik, bassist Tibor Fonay and drummer Attila Gálfi. Information and booking: +36 1 216 7894 OPUS JAZZ CLUB H-1093 Budapest, Mátyás str. 8.
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Oleg Kireyev at Jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany, 19.-22. April 2018

19 April 2018, Thu    
Oleg Kireyev is about to present his ethno-jazz act "Orlan" at one of the most significant music exhibitions, Jazzahead!, which is to take place in Bremen, Germany, 19.-22. April 2018. Alas, "Orlan" will not take part in the showcases, but you can find our stand 6C11 at the music expo, where we'll share our music, promo materials etc., and where you'll be able to communicate with Oleg himself. Looking forward to meeting you in Bremen!
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Oleg Kireyev will take part in the Day of Jazz celebration in Pula, Croatia

10 April 2018, Tue    
On April 30, in the concert hall of the House of Croatian Defenders, in Pula, will be held the celebration of the International Day of Jazz. The International Jazz Festival is annually celebrated on April 30 in more than 190 countries, it glorifies jazz as an art form, and its ability to contribute to intercultural dialogue, to ensure diversity and to enhance respect of human rights and all forms of expression. The concert will feature leading Cr ...
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Jazz stories in the Belgradian SKC

26 February 2018, Mon    
On February 23, the first concert of Oleg Kireyev from the "Jazz Stories with Oleg Kireyev" series, which for seven seasons has been held in the halls of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, took place in the large hall of the Student Cultural Center (SKC) of Belgrade. The concert was attended by the leading Belgrade jazz musicians, there were performed the most famous compositions of the so-called "Golden Era of Jazz" and a film about the main performe ...
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November 9, the second concert of the Russian Jazz series in Belgrade

10 November 2017, Fri    
On November 9, the second concert of the "Russian Jazz" series by Oleg Kireyev and well-known Yugoslavian pianist Vasil Hadzhimanov, took place on the stage of the Belgrade "Academy 28". Belgrade musicians also took part in the project: the members of the famous Serbian Radio and Television big band - Milan Pavlovic (bass) and Predrag Milyutinovitc (drums).The musicians called this program - "Bridge", which symbolizes the connection between ...
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Oleg Kireyev to present Russian Jazz Project at the famous Kolarac hall

12 May 2017, Fri    
Oleg Kireyev proceeds to enslave hearts of Balkan audience. May, 17 Oleg and Eugeniy Grechischev are to play in Belgrade, Serbia at the prestigious Kolarac hall. Vasil Hadžimanov, a famous Serbian piano player and composer, is going to feature the show.Kolarac is not a mere concert hall, it's a cultural foundation, named after Serbian philantropist. A foundation of rich history, which organizes numerous lectures, courses, music and cin ...
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The Meeting in the Top 100 jazz albums!

2 January 2017, Mon    
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone! May the new 2017 year be kind to you, may your life be filled with joy, peace, love and music!There's a pleasant gift for all Oleg Kireyev's fans and for himself: JazzWeek published the Year End Jazz Chart ' 2016, where we proudly discovered "The Meeting" album on the honorary 100th line! So happy to share the place alongside the greats like Kenny Garrett, René Marie, Branford Marsalis & K ...
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Oleg Kireyev heading to jazzahead!

23 December 2016, Fri    
Oleg Kireyev is about to present his ethno-jazz act "Orlan" at one of the most significant music exhibitions, Jazzahead!, which is to take place in Bremen, Germany, 27.-30. April 2017. Alas, "Orlan" will not take part in the showcases, but you can find our stand at the music expo, where we'll share our music, promo materials etc., and where you'll be able to communicate with Oleg himself. In 2017 Jazzahead! will feature such jazz stars as Branfor ...
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Oleg Kireyev's concert plans

17 October 2016, Mon    
The colder it is outside, the hotter it is inside the concert halls, especially when it's about Oleg Kireyev and his projects. Oleg is on the way to his massive tour, which includes dozen of cities! Nov, 3 Oleg and "Orlan" ethno jazz ensemble are to perform in Minsk (Belarus); bright local "Apple Tea" fusion band is featuring the show. Nov, 18 Oleg is to appear in Vladivostok, at the International jazz festival that is held at the local Philarmon ...
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Bashkir Karavan: now on iTunes

7 October 2016, Fri    
Great news! "Bashkir Caravan" album is finally presented on iTunes. All 8 songs, -- with love and by reasonable price. Please be ready to check out what Chris Spector (Midwest Record, USA) was describing as "A tasty world amalgam of stuff from Kireyev's native territory as well as other grounds hes traveled, this is wide open jazzy world beat date with so many other accents in the mix its better to sit down and enjoy it rather than analyze it, ...
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Oleg Kireyev to perform in Prague in September

27 August 2016, Sat    
Oleg Kireyev is coming to Prague to play in three local jazz clubs! The quartet will include three Czech musicians, specializing in straight-ahead jazz: Daniel Bulatkin (piano), the winner of the 3rd Prize in "Piano player of the year" competition in 2015; creative and masterful Josef Fečo (double bass), artistic and thoughtful Jiří Slavíček (drums).Looking forward to seeing you in Prague to share our jazz feeli ...
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Higher and higher: The Meeting album moved up to the 25th place in the JazzWeek chart

16 August 2016, Tue    
"The Meeting" album by Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors improves its position: for 9 weeks of the presence in the Jazz Week chart, the release moved up to the 25th place, breaking more than 10 lines and leaving behind new editions of such jazz artists as, Chico Freeman, Joe Lovano and Charlie Hunter. Let's see what will happen next!
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Oleg Kireyev and Orlan Band will perform at the biggest jazz festival Nisville in Nis, Serbia

6 August 2016, Sat    
Oleg Kireyev and "Orlan" will perform at the 22nd festival "Nishvil" in the Serbian city of Nis (August 11-14, 2016). This festival is distinguished by an interesting story and a serious scale. Over the years of existence at the festival were such jazz stars as Randy Brecker, John Patitucci, Candy Dulfer, Roy Hargrove, Mingus Dinasty, The Cookers, Billy Cobham, Ron Carter, Dr Donald Byrd, Ginger Baker, Incognito, etc.This year, the audience ...
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