2002 - Oleg Kireyev - «A British Concert» (CD) OK Music | Russia


  1. I love you (Cole Porter)
  2. Autumn Leaves (Joseph Cosma)
  3. Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk)
  4. St. Tomas (Sonny Rollins)
  5. The Days of Vine and Roses (Henry Mancini)
  6. Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)
  7. Mack the knife (Kurt Weil)
  8. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)
  9. All of me (Seymour Simons/Gerald Marks)

  • Олег Киреев: саксофоны
  • Keith Bill: piano
  • Fred Barnsley: bass
  • Delroy Braun: drums

Запись и мастеринг: 2002, Великобритания

The musician performing looked like a priest of a strange music patronizing God. Through all the night his eyes were shining with that fire of a man who totally devoted himself to the deed beloved   OpenMusic magazine, Russia more