2000 - Романтики джаза (CD) Landy Star

2000 - Романтики джаза (CD) Landy Star

  1. Yellow Camel
  2. Everything remains the same
  3. Jazz aria
  4. Traveling in time
  5. Caravan
  6. Corcovado
  7. Valtz
  8. Waiting for news
  9. Eugenia
  10. Song for Tom

  • Олег Киреев - саксофоны
  • Александр Виницкий - гитара

Запись и мастеринг: 1998, Россия

Wow! I said, and settled in to listen to a saxophone performer from Russia! Incredibly good and smooth, full of verve, and style, and class, and that is what Russian saxophonist Oleg Kireyev...   Lee Prosser (JazzReview.com®) more