1994 - «Romantic» (аудио - кассета) , студия «Wave» | Росиия


1. The Days Of Win And Roses (G. Mancini)
2. Meditation (A. C. Jobim)
3. Sweet Woman (O. Kirejev)
4. Love For Sale (C. Porter)
5. I Love You (C. Porter)
6. Romantic (O. Kirejev)
7. Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma)
8. My Secret Love (S. Fain)
9. Beautiful Love (V. Young)
10. Au Privave (Ch. Parker)


Олег Киреев- тенор саксофон
Alexander Sokolov - guitar
Сергей Оськин - бас
Staniclav Touleshov - drums


Запись и мастеринг: 1994, Россия

Wow! I said, and settled in to listen to a saxophone performer from Russia! Incredibly good and smooth, full of verve, and style, and class, and that is what Russian saxophonist Oleg Kireyev...   Lee Prosser (JazzReview.com®) more