Oleg Kireev. Romantic SAXMoscow, Russia, Academ Jazz Club

14 June 2019, Friday
On June 14, Oleg Kireev, a saxophonist well-known to the Russian public, will perform on the stage of the Academ Jazz Club in Moscow.

Mr. OK has prepared a new spiritual program "Romantic sax". The feeling of flight, of being in love, light sadness and the joy of reciprocity - Oleg's romantic saxophone is especially capable of conveying the nuances of these feelings.

This summer evening you will hear the most favorite melodies from movies and covers of popular songs. Hits “Titanic”, “Man and Woman”, the brightest plays of famous jazz romantics and famous works of Joe Dassin and Stevie Wander. You will hear the popular “Feelings”, which became the property of music lovers back in 1975. Each of you remembers all these melodies, each of you at the first sounds of these hits imagination draws romantic memories or dreams. Oleg will perform them in his own manner - in the colors of jazz and fusion. The musician will delight the audience and their own musical works, written in romantic colors.

On June 14, we are waiting for you in the cozy hall of the “Academ Jazz Club”, which is in the center of Moscow on Arbat 38.

What's cool (to me, at least) about the result is how unabashed the band is in swinging genuinely hard on chestnut exotica like Puerto Rican-born Ellington trombonist Juan Tizol's "Caravan," which Oleg Kireyev turned to as an encore, and seems born to blow, dervish-like.   Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association, USA more